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Earvin N'Gapeth and Mory Sidibe great defencesFriendly match 2015/16
Look at public ovation at the Pierre de Coubertin Arena in Paris. In the main role: Earvin N’Gapeth and Mory Sidibe. France won against Brazil 3:2 (19:25, 19:25, 25:22, 25:21,17…
Fabio Balaso great defencesItalian Serie A1 2014/15
The sample of Fabio Balaso possibilities in the defence. Short video from Serie A 2014/15. He currently playing at Pallavolo Padova. He is one of the best young Italian libero.
Kevin Tillie great defences  (France - Poland)The Olympics Qualifications 2016
Look at the team energy and look at this epic defense by the European Champions. France outside spiker Kevin Tillie commented: “Russia are Olympic champion so they have really go…
Luciano De Cecco and Fabio Balaso great defencesItalian Serie A1 2016/17
Some exceptional digs in match Perugia - Padova. Both players showed fighting spirit in the defence.
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Fabio Balaso and Davide Marra great defencesItalian Serie A1 2016/17
Great defences by libero Fabio Balaso (Padova) and libero Davide Marra (Vibo Valentia) during the game Kioene Padova - Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia (1:3).
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Alperay Demirciler great defencesErkekler Turkiye 1.Voleybol Ligi 2015/16
Alperay Demirciler showed not only a good skills but fighting spirit. First time, Kemal Kayhan knocked him down by hitting him right in the head! It looked quite painful, but Demir…
Italy great defences (Italy - Serbia)World Grand Prix 2016
The Italy defence stands tall against the Serbian attack with some superb blocks and digs. Italy recovered from the defeat in the first match to beat Serbia in four sets. The youn…
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Belgium great defences (France - Belgium)World League 2016
Some exceptional defence! France to take revenge for that 2:3 loss on June 19 in Sydney. The French opened their World League 2016 Group 1 tournament in Nancy with a 3:0 victory ov…
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Alessio Cadeddu 5 great digs in one actionItalian Serie B2 2010/11
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Benjamin Toniutti three digs in one actonWorld League 2011
Young setter with Italian-sounding last name was a unquestionable man of that action. He is just 23. Probably all of French setters have well football skills (do you remember Pierr…
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Paweł Zatorski amazing leg digCEV Cup 2013/14
Nice leg dig of libero Paweł Zatorski. Polish libero have ever been a footballer? ;) There was first match of CEV Cup 2013/14 between Skra Bełchatów and Ethnikos Alexandroupolis…
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Long rally (Italy - France)European Championships 2015
Great action between Italy and France. Team coached by Laurent Tillie claimed their third straight victory in Group B, this way upsetting a crowd of 8200 fans in attendance at Pala…
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AZS Olsztyn amazing defence (Skra - Olsztyn)Plusliga 2015/16
Indykpol AZS Olsztyn amazing defence in match against PGE Skra Bełchatów in PlusLiga 2015/2016. AZS won 3:1.
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Nikola Grbic two digs in one action (Cuneo - Modena)Italian Serie A1 2012/13
Even if you are left without block there is no guarantee that you will score, not if Nikola Grbic has different opinion. He is like a wine, the older the better. Look at the reflex…
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Marcin Możdżonek great defence (Serbia - Poland)The Olympics Qualifications 2016
Marcin Możdżonek was a unquestionable man of that action. Let's see how to dig the ball from 10th meter to the net. Also Michał Kubiak made huge shot in that action. Look at the…
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Jastrzębski Węgiel great defencePlusliga 2016/17
Jastrzębski Węgiel great defence in match against Cuprum Lubin in PlusLiga 2016/2017. What a point by them!
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Earvin N'Gapeth two digs in one actionItalian Serie A1 2014/15
French player Earvin N'Gapeth made two amazing saves and the first one is probably the best so far this season! Probably all of French players have well football skills (do you rem…
Long rally actions (Champions League, 2nd week)Champions League 2015/16
"Match of the Week" starring Poland's giants Skra Bełchatów and Italy's Lube Banca Macerata delivered the most exciting rally in round 2 of Europe's elite competition. 10000 fa…
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Beach volleyball is a team sport played by two teams of two players on a sand court divided by a net. It has been an Olympic discipline since the 1996 Games. As in indoor volleyba…
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Fabio Balaso nice dig (Padova - Trentino)Italian Serie A1 2016/17
Extraordinary defense by libero Fabio Balaso during Kioene Padova - Diatec Trentino 2-3 played 14/10/2016. Italian Volleyball Superleague 2016/17.
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